Exhibition in Claraboia Espai D'Art Original Watercolor Artwork

This was my Exhibition in Claraboia Espai D'Art and made part of Il.LUSTRISSIMS.  This event celebrates the fine art of children’s book illustration, it was on display from October 21 through October 29, 2016 in  Rubí, Catalonia, Spain.   I was sharing the show with Jordi Folck and Enric Larreula both a famous writers in Catalonia.  I have a special guest the last day, my colleague George Pratt, thanks again for the photos.

Illustrations for the book: "L'Unica i veritable llegenda de Sant Jordi contada pel Drac"
written by Jordi Folck


Illustrations for the book Espurna Blanca written by  Enric Larreula 

Jordi Folck and Enric Larreula talking about our work together, our books and why reading is important for developing a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

The last day the writter Enric Larreula performing a storytelling session while I sketcht in watercolor an interpretation of each tale.

This was my first unexpected experiencie describing ich picture to a blind man...I  felt like learning from him his own way of perception,  He told me about the energy, the empy spaces only touching the pictures with his hands,

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